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Our birth

On the beautiful island of Zanzibar, on the east coast of the Indian Ocean, the first four-star and Czech-speaking White Paradise Resort awaits you.

Our resort White Paradise Zanzibar was built by people who fell in love with Zanzibar and decided to use local materials, local workers and local employees. They tried to connect Zanzibar with the European experience as much as possible and we are happy with how it turned out. The resort is located on its own beach, for 16 villas there is a beach with an area of ​​2400 m² and a pool with an area of ​​1300 m², a pool bar, a restaurant with a view of the sea. A wi-fi signal is available throughout the resort and each villa is equipped with a TV set with an entertainment console with access to a movie database.

Our resort is chosen by Czech tourists because it represents a Czech island on an African island. that they can communicate with us in Czech and that we can give them advice in Czech, interpret in various situations to and from Swahili. This is also why Czech celebrities and filmmakers choose us. We had the honor of hosting the Czech TV crew during filming